Unconscionable for any party to veto Executive formation when health system under so much pressure, says Bradshaw, as Alliance publishes action document

It is unconscionable for any party to veto the formation of an Executive when the health system is under so much pressure, Alliance Health spokesperson Paula Bradshaw MLA has said.

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The South Belfast MLA was speaking as Alliance published a document outlining the actions needing to be taken by the Executive or Health Minister to help the health service tackle winter pressures in the health service.

The update to the party’s Fighting Fit policy document, released earlier this year, includes proposals for a patient safety commissioner, proofing all legislation for impact on fuel poverty and well-being, and a ten-year funding plan for a mental health strategy and to enhance mental well-being in schools.

“This document makes clear the severe cost to the entire population, and particularly to people using and working in the healthcare system, of having no Executive and even no Minister in place over the coming months,” said Ms Bradshaw.

“It is unconscionable for any party to delay the restoration of a functioning Executive when we can already see the healthcare system is under unprecedented pressure and when we know that the energy crisis will only enhance. It comes at significant cost to each and every one of us.

“With no Executive, we are already short on time to move on all the things we need to do to help prepare the system for the difficult winter ahead, and now to allow a situation where there will be no Ministers either is extremely damaging.

“Notably, we will also not be able to get on with safe staffing legislation and ensuring fair pay and conditions, meaning the ongoing outflow of workers will continue. We will not be able to make decisions on the duty of candour and on other issues to ensure patient safety is prioritised across the system, and we will not be able to move on with transformation, leaving workers operating a broken system as best they can.

“This document demonstrates there are many more issues requiring Executive and Ministerial attention too. Without restoration, we will not be able to do so. Standing for election comes with a responsibility to respect the outcome and to get on with the job on behalf of all the people once elected.

“Further stalling will come at immense human cost. Putting in place an Executive now will not solve all our issues, but not putting one in place will solve none of them. This is a further example of the many issues which need resolved urgently.”

To view our full set of proposals, click here.