Bradshaw calls for crackdown on assaults to emergency workers

Alliance Health Spokesperson Paula Bradshaw has said she is appalled to hear from ambulance crews and emergency workers of a rise in aggression towards them.

Health Paula Bradshaw


Following an online petition calling for the extension of Harper's Law to Northern Ireland, started by a former nurse, Paula Bradshaw has called for a crackdown on those who assault emergency workers.


The South Belfast MLA stated: “It is utterly appalling to hear that public servants in the front line are being subjected to physical and sexual assault while going about their work. It is inexcusable that any public servant should have to face such aggression.


“The public owes emergency responders a huge debt of gratitude not just for what they do, but for what they have to put up with. However, we need to go beyond gratitude and ensure consequences for those engaging in attacks on emergency responders.


“The fact is that, understandably, assaults lead to public servants having to take time off work, fewer crews being available and greater suffering across our entire society.


“Any public servant in whatever line of work has the same right as anyone else to go to work free from fear of assault or aggression. We all have a responsibility to ensure that is what happens.”