Bradshaw backs Royal College of Nursing’s call for a functioning Executive and Assembly

Alliance Party Health Spokesperson Paula Bradshaw MLA has expressed her support for the Royal College of Nursing in its call for the formation of a fully functioning Northern Ireland Executive and Assembly. The Union held an emergency debate on Wednesday June 8, urging action to address the escalating crisis within nursing and healthcare.

“I am fully supportive of the Royal College of Nursing’s timely intervention calling for the restoration of our political institutions,” said Ms Bradshaw.

“Time is running out to address the entrenched problems within our Health and Social Care service and to achieve the transformation envisioned in the Bengoa Report.

“Nurses and other healthcare staff are at breaking point and are desperately calling for support. The longer pressures go unaddressed, the more we lose valuable experienced staff to other sectors and the worse the issue gets.

“If further strike action is called, it will not be the fault of dedicated nursing staff, but those politicians who are preventing the functioning of devolved government.”