Bradshaw announces Positive Life pop-up HIV testing clinic at constituency office on April 3

Alliance South Belfast MLA Paula Bradshaw has announced that Positive Life, Northern Ireland's only charity dedicated to HIV, will be bringing its pop-up clinic to her constituency office on Wednesday, 3 April, as part of its Fast Track Cities Initiative, aimed at reaching zero diagnosis of HIV by 2030. 

Paula Bradshaw

Tests will take place at 291 Ormeau Road, at which there is ample parking and also frequent bus services via Metro Route 7. They will take just over half an hour, and will be free of charge; booking is online via

Paula Bradshaw stated: "I am delighted to be partnering with Positive Life to offer this pop-up clinic, which has already proven successful at my colleagues' constituency offices elsewhere in the city.

"It is essential to highlight not just that such clinics are available, but also that there is a huge prize at the end of this work, namely the complete elimination of HIV. Together, we can break the stigma of getting tested.

"This needs to be just one part of a broader plan aligned to the global Fast Track Cities Initiative aimed at ending HIV diagnosis. We have already seen in some other parts of the UK that opt-out testing schemes, adding tests for HIV and Hepatitis to standard blood tests, have enabled early intervention to prevent damage to the immune system. Carrying these out as part of a standard health check also helps remove the stigma, and has proven extremely successful.

"We need to have similar programmes here which, alongside pop-up clinics such as this one, can deliver outright elimination. My colleagues and I are delighted to be playing our part as best we can, both politically and practically, to support Positive Life in this endeavour."