Bradshaw calls for urgency with Adoption and Children Bill

Health Paula Bradshaw

Alliance Health Spokesperson Paula Bradshaw MLA has said she will support doing all that is necessary to deliver the proposed Adoption and Children Bill as speedily as possible.

Speaking after the Health Minister announced he wanted to proceed with it during the current mandate, to bring Northern Ireland into line with other regions of the UK, Ms Bradshaw said she fully endorsed the “broad thrust” of the Bill.

“This must proceed with urgency, as it should have been some years ago but has been delayed by various problems with the operation of the Executive and wider Assembly.

“The Bill offers a more efficient adoption process and, most importantly, greater stability for children of all ages. It should also serve as an update to ensure processes are in line with how adoption and care services are provided.

“It is unfortunate the Assembly cannot sit to get this Bill past first stage before the summer, but I will strongly support a call for evidence by the Health Committee, followed by scrutiny as soon as practical after recess. We have already waited too long for this vital work to be completed.”