Blair: LCC must place its focus on disbanding and moving on

John Blair Paramilitary

Alliance MLA John Blair has called on all political leaders to rebuke any sense of credibility the LCC is trying to exert over our society.

Mr Blair – the party’s representative on the policing board – said it was long past the time that anyone with links to on-going paramilitarism should have any influence in Northern Ireland.

He added: “Over the past week we’ve heard a number of extremely concerning statements from the LCC. Let me be clear unelected representatives have no authority here to make demands; in fact the only thing that is unwelcome here is the continued existence of paramilitary activity in our community.

“We must stand together to show that the politics of fear will not succeed, that Irish Government representatives are welcome here and that rather than trying to dictate the actions of others, the LCC places its focus on desisting, disbanding and moving on.

“Our communities across Northern Ireland deserve better. Close co-operation on a range of issues with the Irish Government is essential and can only benefit everyone in Northern Ireland as we seek to rebuild society post Covid. The climate emergency, security, agri food and the economy are only a few of these wide range of issues.”