Blair says climate demonstration puts issue firmly on agenda

Climate Change John Blair

Tackling the growing climate emergency must be on the agenda, Alliance MLA John Blair has said, as he welcomed organisers of a climate change demonstration at Stormont on Monday.

Speaking after he addressed the crowd, Mr Blair – the Alliance Party’s Environment spokesperson – said the timely event put a focus on the need for action at the start of the new Assembly term.

He added: “I firstly want to thank the organisers who worked hard to make sure the looming threat from climate change is front and centre as the Assembly returns to business.

“Climate change is not slowing down – so while we continue to weather the storm of the Covid-19 pandemic, we cannot lose sight of the lessons this has taught us, namely fast action against threats is essential, with any delay costly.

“We need a green recovery with huge investment and urgent, radical changes to our economy – this radical change it isn’t just sensible, it is now critical. A green recovery will remain at the forefront of Alliance’s political agenda for decades to come, and we were delighted to co-sponsor the Climate Change Bill.

“Politicians working together were making progress towards tackling the climate emergency, for the good of our people and our future, and the latest DUP stunt of threatening to collapse the Assembly is potentially damaging to the prospect of addressing these outstanding climate commitments.

“We are past the point of talking. We need action now.”