Attacks on culture are wrong, says Beaumont

Communities Matthew Beaumont Bonfires Fermanagh and South Tyrone

All attacks on culture are wrong, Alliance Fermanagh and South Tyrone representative Matt Beaumont has said, as he condemned the depiction of an Orange man hanging and the burning of flags on bonfires.

Speaking after the orange effigy had been removed, Matt said: “Everyone has the right to celebrate their culture and there is absolutely no justification for what happened locally last night.

“It was simply horrific to wake up to and I condemn this and acts like this in the strongest possible terms. I’m glad to see it was swiftly removed.

“It is extremely disappointing across the board to see such disrespect shown, with the burning of flags and this latest stunt more akin to hate than respect.

“I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the twelfth holiday and if you are celebrating or not, that you always ensure your actions are respectful.”