Banners are an attempt to smear Alliance, say Party reps

Assembly Andrew Muir Connie Egan priorities

Alliance party candidates have hit out at those behind banners linking the party with the IRA, which have appeared in Bangor and Newtownards.

Councillor Connie Egan and Councillor Nick Mathison said the “attempts to smear the party” would not deter them from taking their positive, progressive message to voters ahead of Polling Day – adding the matter had been referred to the PSNI for investigation.

It is increasingly disappointing that those intent on interfering with the democratic process insist on spreading fake news designed to divide and scaremonger. The principle of free and fair elections must be upheld,” said Connie.

This is shameful and wrong and I urge all others candidates running in North Down to also unequivocally condemn erection of these banners. We cannot allow this type of behaviour to hold us back.”

Nick added: “We need to get away from this sort of gutter politics and focus on the real issues affecting people in this election. Erection of these banners follows a number of other incidents where Alliance election posters have been stolen by a gang of men with a ladder, ripped down and defaced.

Not only is this banner disingenuous, but it’s also dangerous – putting Alliance candidates North Down and Strangford, along with all our canvassers and supporters at risk. This cannot go on.”