Armstrong welcomes funding boost for integrated education

Alliance MLA Kellie Armstrong has welcomed plans to boost integration across Northern Ireland, after the Government announced a £1.9 million funding package to support schools wishing to transform.

Education Kellie Armstrong Integrated Education

Kellie – who secured major reform to meet the demands of integrated education in the last mandate – said it was now time for Education Minister to finally make long-awaited decisions on a number of development proposals sitting on her desk.

She added: “This funding boost is another clear example of the desire for greater access to integrated education in Northern Ireland – yet locally the growth of integrated education is being stalled by the inaction within the Department.

“We all should be aiming to see a greater number of children from different backgrounds educated together and yet those who want to deliver this change on the ground are facing long delays in waiting for the department to make decisions.

“Across Northern Ireland our children parents and teachers are dealing with the impact of this inaction on a daily basis. For example, a proposal for the new Mid Down Integrated College, that would provide a much needed integrated option in an area which sees massive over subscription for Lagan College, remains dormant.

“Our on Minister must match the enthusiasm from the UK Government on this issue. Integrated education is a key way forward in building a united community and this money will now allow parents to transform their school to integrated status, especially in areas where no alternative integrated option is available.”