Armstrong welcomes PIP report findings

Communities Kellie Armstrong

Alliance MLA Kellie Armstrong has welcomed the findings of an investigation into PIP by the NI Audit Office.

Released today, the report demonstrates key areas for improvement, which Kellie says now must be taken forward to aid those in need of PIP across Northern Ireland.

She added: “The findings of this report will be welcome by all those who have recognised the failings in the system to date and highlights how the department must now improve how it validates and measures Capita’s work.

“It is no longer good enough that Capita tells the Department it is doing a good job, but rather the Department needs to ensure the assessment process is working for claimants.

“The report identifies how steps can be taken to make the process run more smoothly for claimants, including improved decision making and greater access to legal advice. As stated, if more help and advice is provided to help people complete a PIP form, fewer appeals would be necessary.

“I look forward to the Marie Cavanagh recommendations from the second review of PIP and the improvements than should be made to enable the best possible benefits service to be provided for people living in Northern Ireland.”