Armstrong expresses shock over soaring rental statistics

Alliance MLA Kellie Armstrong has expressed shock after writing to the Minister for Communities to find the disparity between rent and housing benefit allowance is upwards of £100.

Economy Kellie Armstrong Cost of Living

The news comes at the worst possible time, when people are already being pushed further into poverty by a worsening cost of living crisis, the MLA says we need action, fast.

“The reduction in the number of private rentals means those remaining are able to increase the amount they’re charging tenants. This is having a major impact on tenants who are already struggling with the soaring cost of living,” she said.

“After writing to the Minister For Communities, it has become clear that this is having a huge knock-on effect on those in receipt of the housing benefit award. We’re seeing disparities between rent and housing benefit upwards of £100.

“This is completely unacceptable and we need to take action fast, before this problem continues to spiral further out of control.

“People are being pushed deeper into poverty, as they’re being forced to use money that they’d otherwise spend on food or to heat their home, just to keep a roof over their head.”