Animal cruelty must not go unpunished

Alliance Councillor Rachel Ferguson has said that those who are cruel to animals must be caught and brought to justice.

animal cruelty

The Derry City and Strabane Councillor was speaking after reports the police were investigating an attack on a dog, which resulted in it having to be put to sleep.

Councillor Ferguson said: “The details emerging from this sad case are horrific. It is being reported that two men were seen in Ballyarnett Country Park on Wednesday dropping bricks onto this poor dog, which they then buried alive. 

“From the condition the dog was already in, it is obvious that she had been maltreated for a long time. How anyone can be so cruel to such a beautiful animal is unbelievable. 

“I would pay tribute to the members of the public who reported this incident and to the vets who tried to help the dog in her last moments. If any member of the public has any information about this senseless attack, I would urge them to pass it to the police so those responsible can be brought to justice.”

Alliance Animal Welfare spokesperson Patrick Brown MLA said: “This is an horrific case which shows the need for not only strong animal welfare legislation, but appropriate punishment for those convicted of animal cruelty. The public have an important role to play here, by reporting incidents of cruelty and helping the police catch and prosecute those responsible.”