Alliance seeks urgent meeting with Chief Constable over increasing tensions and paramilitary activity

Naomi Long Police Paramilitary

Alliance has sought an urgent meeting with the PSNI Chief Constable to discuss increasing tensions and paramilitary activity in recent weeks.

The party has already expressed serious concern about the ramping up of tensions across Northern Ireland, and the prevalence of paramilitary-style attacks, shootings and activity over recent months. Alliance and a number of other parties’ offices have also been targeted in incidents, including a bomb hoax and criminal damage.

“The continued activity of paramilitary organisations right across our community remains a matter of profound concern,” said Alliance Leader Naomi Long MLA.

“Their influence in communities is destructive and pernicious, and must be ended. There have been a number of serious incidents over recent months and the level of tension within our community is high.

“The footage only yesterday of a masked gang walking through Pitt Park in East Belfast has both shocked and disgusted me. Our community has had enough of the intimidation and the fear they create. This is just one example of the coercive control these gangs seek to impose on communities.

“We must all work together to ensure we disrupt their activity and end the harm they perpetrate on families and communities, including young and vulnerable people. Alliance will play our role and we want to work with the police to help them tackle this scourge. It is incumbent on all politicians to do likewise and ensure in both words and actions they help to create stability and promote lawfulness.”