Alliance representatives discuss way forward with Haemophilia NI at Stormont

The Alliance Party has restated its commitment to full compensation and recognition for victims of the Contaminated Blood Scandal, after a meeting with Haemophilia NI at Stormont.

Stephen Farry Paula Bradshaw

Party Health Spokesperson Paula Bradshaw said: “We are pleased to have clarification about some clear advances towards recognition for victims and survivors of the contaminated blood scandal across the UK, but we still have some way to go to ensuring that nothing of the like happens again and that full compensation is made available.

“We were happy to reassure all victims and survivors that we will continue to work to ensure recognition payments are made urgently and that Northern Ireland is not left behind as further steps are taken.”

North Down MP Stephen Farry added: “I will work with colleagues to ensure that recognition proceeds swiftly but that it alone is far from the end of the story. What is required is a fully implemented system of compensation for victims and family members affected, as well as a clear assurance that nothing of this type may ever occur again.”