Alliance MLAs endorse “Never Cross the Line” campaign

Alliance Party MLAs have endorsed an Ulster GAA campaign to raise awareness of violence against women, emphasising how important it is that people “never cross the line”.

Connie Egan David Honeyford Violence Against Women and Girls

The campaign is aimed at educating and informing young people of the importance of consent, challenging attitudes and beliefs which contradict the message of consent, and encouraging the development of mutually respectful, positive relationships.

Alliance Sports Spokesperson David Honeyford MLA said: “Sport cannot be entirely divorced from the major social issues of our time, as we are seeing with the considerable unease around the circumstances in which the World Cup is taking place currently.

“As our party leader Naomi Long demonstrated with her prioritisation of key legislation as Justice Minister, no social issue is more important than ending violence against women and girls.

“It is to be warmly welcomed that the GAA is pursuing this ‘Never Cross the Line’ campaign. I would hope for and warmly welcome similar campaigns to be introduced across a range of sports.”

Additionally, Alliance Spokesperson for Violence Against Women and Girls Connie Egan MLA stated: “We recognise this hugely significant intervention from Ulster GAA and White Ribbon NI at a time when violence against women and girls has become more prominent, both at home and internationally.

“We are seeing women bravely coming forward to challenge restrictions placed on their freedoms and on their ability to play a full part in society right around the world. However, these issues also exist here at home. Domestically, rates of violence against women and girls, including femicide, remain shockingly high.

“It is essential that sporting organisations and others step forward to play their part in raising awareness and transforming attitudes towards women and girls in our society, including the use of their facilities to provide workshops where appropriate.”