Alliance announces key spokespeople

Naomi Long Key Spokespeople

Alliance Leader Naomi Long MLA has announced a number of new party spokespeople on a range of issues, saying it will help deliver changes in our society from the “same old same old” we experienced before the pandemic.

The new spokespeople, made up of Councillors and other party constituency representatives, will complement the existing Alliance team of MLAs, who also cover wider Executive Department portfolios and where revealed at a recent meeting of Party members.

“As we move towards the forthcoming Assembly election, Alliance has a wealth of new talent coming through its ranks,” said Mrs Long.

“Those energetic representatives are keen to supplement their work already ongoing on various topics by specialising in a range of matters. While not all issues are covered in this way, they give a good spread of the priorities important to many across Northern Ireland, especially as we seek to rebuild following COVID, including improving life for families, tackling the climate crisis and supporting those with mental health issues.

“As we move through the pandemic, we have the chance to change how things are done. Instead of the same old same old, we can improve our society and build back better. These Alliance spokespeople will bring ideas to help us do just that.”


Alliance's new spokespeople

Matthew Beaumont - Accessibility

Patrick Brown - Animal Welfare

Jackie Coade - Positive ageing

Danny Donnelly - Standards in Public Life, Biodiversity and Green Energy

                                                                                 Stephen Donnelly - Rural Communities, Connectivity

                                                                                 Connie Egan - Violence Against Women and Girls

                                                                                    Sorcha Eastwood - European Relations, Legacy

                                                                                     Rachael Ferguson - Mental Health

                                                                                          Claire Hackett - Families

                                                                                            Donnamarie Higgins - Community safety

                                                                                                     David Honeyford – Sport, Community Development

                                                                                                      Nick Mathison – Poverty, Social Inclusion

                                                                                                          Nuala McAllister - Sustainable Living

                                                                                                            Chris McCaw – Equality, Hate Crime

                                                                                                             Peter McReynolds - Community Regeneration

                                                                                                        Kate Nicholl – Diversity, Migration

                                                                                                           Patricia O’Lynn - Young People

                                                                                                            Eóin Tennyson - Climate Change, Just Transition