Document shows health is Alliance's top priority, says Bradshaw

Alliance has launched its policies and priorities document for health and social care in the coming Assembly mandate, with party Health spokesperson Paula Bradshaw MLA saying its range of commitments across all Departments would prioritise health and well-being.

The document outlines the changes needed to the health service in order to transform it, with every Executive Department playing a role in order to restore and build faith in every aspect of healthcare provision.

“Despite the heroic effort of those working in our healthcare system both during and before the pandemic, health and social care are in dire need of reform to deliver a truly universal system, with access to services and information available to all regardless of means,” said Ms Bradshaw.

“The harrowing waiting times currently being experienced mean we have in practice a two-tier system where those with means can access diagnostics and treatment faster than those without. We make no apologies for not wishing to protect such a system, but rather for seeking to reform it thoroughly.

“When we talk about transformation, we do not just mean reform of the administration of health and social care in Northern Ireland. We mean a root and branch reform of how every Department relates to issues affecting health and well-being, and how we all as citizens think of them. This is about making health and well-being central to everything we do.

“Alliance’s document is about demonstrating what needs to happen in health and well-being. Instead of constant gridlock and diversion, what we are presenting is a positive vision for change in line with well-established international best practice, focusing on the patient experience, population health, reducing cost and error, and better conditions for staff.

“People are rightly telling us they want to see this change for our health service. Together, we can take the opportunity to deliver it in May.”

You can see Alliance’s document here.