Young people have vital role to play in our politics, says Mulholland, encouraging involvement in NI Youth Assembly survey

Alliance Young People spokesperson, and former youth worker, Sian Mulholland MLA is encouraging all young people from North Antrim and beyond to have their voices heard and actively participate in the NI Youth Assembly's latest survey, aiming to help shape their new mandate.

Sian Mulholland

The NI Youth Assembly provides a platform for young people to discuss their priorities and voice concerns, and to play a pivotal role in influencing policies that directly impact their lives. They're currently seeking responses to their Big Youth Survey.


The deadline for responses is 26th January, and more information on how to respond can be found at


The North Antrim MLA has said: "Having worked with young people throughout my career, you cannot understate the transformative power of youth engagement in political life. Engaging in the Youth Assembly’s priority setting process through this survey is an important opportunity for our young people to have their insights and experiences listened to.


"Especially for those in rural communities like ours in North Antrim, who face a unique range of challenges, your voices matter and your opinions need to be a part of the dialogue.


"Years ago, I campaigned for the formation of a Youth Assembly so I know how important this platform is. However, it's only effective if young people get involved so I would encourage all young people to actively contribute and take the few minutes needed to complete their survey.


"Now, more than ever, we need to hear from the young people in our communities. The Youth Assembly's survey is an avenue for them to express their concerns, advocate for their needs, and shape a future that reflects their aspirations, and I would encourage young people right across Northern Ireland to get involved.”