Windsor Framework provides basis for economic growth in NI, says Long

Alliance Party Leader Naomi Long MLA has said the Windsor Framework provides the basis for economic growth and prosperity in Northern Ireland, but that further clarity is needed around the 'Stormont Brake' clause within it.

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Mrs Long was speaking after meeting with the Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak MP. She said: “Northern Ireland has suffered from the uncertainty and instability, both economic and political, caused by Brexit for far too long. While we are still working through the detail, particularly in relation to the Stormont Brake, I believe the Windsor Framework can provide a basis for both that uncertainty and instability to be brought to an end. 

“Over the past year we have seen waiting lists go up, cost-of-living pressures increase and industrial action impacting on many areas of life. We urgently need political stability with local Ministers in place taking decisions for the benefit of our people and we need certainty and stability for businesses, so we can grow our economy and create sustainable employment and prosperity.  An agreed way forward between the UK and EU has always been the best way forward for both.

“I made clear to the Prime Minister that the restoration of the Stormont institutions and ensuring that they can never again be collapsed by one single party has been and remains our priority. We now need clarity on the operation of the Stormont Brake, to ensure that it cannot be abused to cause future instability, and we need reform of the institutions to ensure that all MLAs votes have equal value and that we end ransom politics for good.”