We must protect the arts, says Mulholland

Alliance MLA Sian Mulholland has said more must be done to protect the arts, as she outlined her support for overturning the current cuts to the Arts sector.

The Party’s Arts and Culture Spokesperson said it was essential to protect Northern Ireland’s booming arts culture, or leave it diminished for generations to come – as she backed a campaign underway by Equity NI aimed at securing a major roll back on current planned cuts.

She added: “Alliance recognises the role that the Arts has to play, particularly in a post conflict society, to bring people together through shared experiences and the sharing of cultures.

We need more investment in the Arts, not less. We need a strategic and long-term approach that supports and nurtures a thriving sector, which in turn further develops the talent Northern Ireland has in abundance.

It is yet another indictment of our communities being failed by the current Stormont impasse that we have no Minister to lobby and no local political oversight into the cuts that are being faced by the Arts sector.

We should be in a position to lobby the Executive to increase its investment and deliver on its responsibilities and statutory duties to Culture, Arts and Heritage. Alliance will continue to do all in our power to advocate for a restoration of the Assembly institutions and to continue to be a voice that advocates and promotes the Arts and their vital contribution to our economy and Communities.”