We cannot let those who seek to divide us succeed, says Nicholl, condemning violence in Dublin

Alliance Migration, International Relations and Human Rights spokesperson Kate Nicholl MLA has condemned scenes of violence seen on the streets of Dublin last night (23 November), and has reiterated the importance of continuing to challenge prejudice and combat intolerance.

Kate Nicholl

Over thirty arrests have been made over the course of the rioting, which followed an earlier knife attack in the city centre which left four people injured. Police have since identified the mob as being driven by far-right ideology.


The South Belfast MLA has said: “The chaos and violence that played out on the streets of Dublin yesterday is both tragic and devastating.


“Today, my thoughts are with the victims of the horrific knife attack in the city centre, those who were placed in harm’s way by the rioting, and all of the brave An Garda Síochána officers who put their own personal safety on the line to protect citizens and restore peace.


“I believe that people are inherently good and decent, and that every person has value. There are however unfortunately also those that seek to create fear and divide us by any means available, and we cannot let them succeed.


In my office much of our time is spent working with marginalised groups – people who are treated as less than because of their skin colour, their language, their disability. We also advocate for people who came to Northern Ireland to seek sanctuary. Community is our strength, and we see examples of that everywhere.


“Right now, we must be united in robust and unquestionable condemnation of all the senseless destruction seen yesterday, in support of seeing all those who perpetrated violence held accountable in the eyes of the law, and in our common humanity also.

“It is our duty going forward as political representatives to provide leadership in our communities and do all that is necessary to continue fighting intolerance and prejudice in our society, as well as the circumstances that can often lead people down those roads in the first place.”