Voters have a chance to send a message on May 18 by voting Alliance, says Long

Voters across Northern Ireland have an opportunity to send a message to those holding the political institutions to ransom in the Council Election, Alliance Leader Naomi Long MLA has said.

She was speaking as the party unveiled its manifesto for the election, with Mrs Long saying it built on the hard work and delivery of Alliance Councillors in the previous Council mandate on the issues that matter to people.

The party is running 110 candidates across all 11 councils, covering more district electoral areas than any other party.

“This election is a chance to elect candidates who are focused on what really matters: from improving health and education to protecting our environment, from delivering accessible transport to making our streets safer.

“Alliance Councillors have a strong record in local government, driving openness, transparency, and fairness, challenging party political carve-ups, tackling the climate crisis, and supporting strong economic development. This is an opportunity for people to elect even more Alliance Councillors who will continue to build on that work and show politics can deliver for them, their family, and their neighbourhood.

“However, every vote for Alliance on May 18 can can also send a clear message people deserve and demand a working Assembly and Executive. No more drama, just delivery.

“A year ago, people made their voices heard when they elected 17 Alliance MLAs and made the party the third largest in Northern Ireland.

“Unfortunately, that Assembly has never been delivered due to the endless cycle of ransom politics, preventing the formation of it and the Executive. People on the doors are rightly angry and frustrated. They're also clear this cannot continue.

“The last Council Election was also held at a time when our institutions were suspended. Then, people voted Alliance in increased numbers and sent a message to those who would rather distract and divide than deliver. That message was heard, and was the push some needed to get Stormont restored.

“We can do that again on May 18. By electing Alliance Councillors right across Northern Ireland, you can not only deliver politicians that work for you locally, but politics that works for us all at Stormont, because Alliance works."

View our 2023 Local Government manifesto here.