Urgent action needed to ensure victims and survivors not left behind

The Alliance Party has warned that urgent action is needed to ensure that victims are not left behind, outlining some key steps required after a constructive meeting with the Victims and Survivors Service.

Paula Bradshaw Connie Egan

Executive Office Committee Deputy Chair, Connie Egan MLA, stated: "We had a very helpful discussion this morning about victims issues and we will continue to be proactive in pushing for action on behalf of victims and survivors.
"We have a particular concern that the Troubles Permanent Disablement Payment Scheme (TPDPS) application process is not sufficiently trauma-focused, with many applicants reporting significant delays and lack of communication throughout the process. We also discussed the need for an extension to the deadline for backdated payments to ensure everyone affected is covered.
"We are also concerned that many who have been bereaved as a result of a troubles related incident are not eligible for the TPDPS, and feel they’ve been left behind and treated unequally. The Executive Office needs to urgently consider the proposals produced by the Commissioner for Victims and Survivors to introduce a payment scheme and services for those who have been bereaved as a result of the Troubles."
Executive Office Committee Chair, Paula Bradshaw MLA, added: "We have of course reinforced at every opportunity the need for money to be recouped from the institutions towards redress and recognition for victims and survivors of Historical Institutional Abuse of children. We continue to hold meetings on this issue to try to ensure this occurs rapidly.
"We also discussed what we trust is imminent legislation on redress and a public inquiry arising from the Mother & Baby Homes, Magdalene Laundries and Work Houses scandal."