UK Government has failed to protect the LGBTQ+ community, says Muir

Alliance MLA Andrew Muir has reiterated his pledge to bring a Private Member’s Bill outlawing so-called conversion therapy if the Executive does not, following the King’s Speech.

Andrew Muir LGBT

North Down MLA Mr Muir was speaking following the speech, outlining the Government’s legislative programme. He and North Down MP Stephen Farry criticised the Government for reneging on its commitment to introduce legislation to ban so-called conversion practices, after its absence from the speech.

“In Northern Ireland, we missed an opportunity in the last mandate to introduce a comprehensive and effective ban on so-called conversion practices and lead the way for the rest of the UK,” said Mr Muir.

“I do not intend to let this happen again and if Executive legislation is not forthcoming from the Communities Minister when the Assembly returns, I will seek to bring a Private Member’s Bill. It will follow consultation on proposals, considering evidence and research, to outlaw these harmful practices in terms of both sexual orientation and gender identity."

Dr Farry said the UK Government had failed in its duty to protect people.

“Today, the Government severely failed in its duty to protect the LGBTQ+ community and I can only presume the proposed ban on so-called conversion practices has fallen victim to its contrived culture war ahead of the next General Election.

“There is a clear trend in liberal democracies to recognise the harmful nature of this abhorrent practice and to safeguard the vulnerable individuals who undergo this so-called treatment. We can no longer delay action to stop the harm it causes.”