There is no place for violence or intimidation in our communities, says Alliance Strangford representatives

Alliance Strangford representatives have condemned a string of attacks seen in Newtownards and Bangor over the weekend, and have reasserted that such violence and intimidation have no place in our society.

Kellie Armstrong Nick Mathison Strangford

This included pipe and petrol bomb attacks on a number of residences across both areas. No one was seriously injured, though one man was treated by paramedics after an incident involving petrol bombs being thrown at a residence in Newtownards.


Nick Mathison MLA has said: “One attack of this kind in our community is one too many, but to hear of multiple happening over the course of one weekend is immensely concerning.


“We wholeheartedly condemn all instances of violence and attempts at intimidation. Let it be clear that these cowardly individuals represent nobody other than themselves and their actions stand to achieve nothing but meaningless destruction.”


Kellie Armstrong MLA added: “This deliberate assault on the peace and safety of our communities is absolutely sickening and there is no justification for it.


“Whilst we’re thankful that miraculously nobody was seriously hurt, undoubtedly due in no small part to the timely and professional response of the NIFRS and other emergency services, the terror inflicted both on those targeted and on other residents is reprehensible and must be robustly denounced by all across society.


“We would urge anybody with potentially relevant information about any of these incidents that could aid in bringing those responsible to justice, to please contact the PSNI, or report it anonymously via Crimestoppers.”