Tennyson welcomes financial package from Secretary of State for those affected by recent floods, but says long-term investment needed

Alliance Upper Bann MLA and Finance Spokesperson Eóin Tennyson has welcomed the announcement by the Secretary of State that Northern Ireland will receive a £15million financial support package following recent flooding in Downpatrick, Newry and Portadown.

Mr Tennyson said: “This announcement from the Secretary of State is a welcome start and will provide some initial relief and support to households and businesses who have been devastated by floods. It is imperative that this money rescues those affected as quickly as possible and we await further clarity and detail in this regard.

“I am deeply conscious that if we had an Executive in place, we would be in a stronger position to influence these schemes and build upon this support.

“Short term interventions, whilst absolutely essential to ensure businesses and families can rebuild, are no substitute for a concerted programme of investment led by an Executive with a focus on climate adaptation, flood alleviation and investment in wastewater infrastructure.”