Tennyson pledges to work on banning cruel conversion practices

Alliance Upper Bann MLA Eóin Tennyson announces his plans for a private members’ bill to ban conversion practices, stating that so-called conversion therapy has no place in society.

Eóin Tennyson LGBT

Speaking ahead of an event to mark LGBT Awareness Week at Stormont, Mr Tennyson said: “So-called conversion practices are based on the false and wholly unscientific premise that LGBTQ+ people are in need of a cure and that their identities can and should be changed or repressed.  

“Research published this week points to the harmful impact conversion practices continue to have in Northern Ireland. These are cruel, abusive, and archaic practices that violate people’s human rights and dignity. They have no place in any modern, progressive, and forward-looking society.

“Alliance is absolutely committed to building a more equal and shared community, where everyone is able to live free of discrimination and harm.

“That is why, should legislation not be forthcoming from the Communities Minister, it is my intention to seek the Speaker’s permission to introduce legislation which will ban conversion practices once and for all.”