Sunak’s expansion of oil and gas ‘economically and environmentally illiterate’ says Tennyson

Alliance Climate and Energy spokesperson Eóin Tennyson MLA has hit out at the UK Government after it was announced that over 100 new North Sea oil and gas drilling licences are to be issued. 

Climate Change Eóin Tennyson

“This is a reckless decision at the worst possible time, and will prove to be an act of economic and environmental self-harm. The UK Government has now turned to culture war politics in what is a desperate attempt to distract from its own failures," he said.
“The issuing of these licenses is completely at odds with the Government’s own net zero targets, and is unconscionable when we are witnessing record-breaking heatwaves across the globe.
“Investment in clean, green, renewable energy remains the clearest route to cutting energy bills, creating good jobs and delivering energy security.
“We urgently need a restored and reformed Executive to take steps to introduce a comprehensive ban on current and future fossil fuel exploration and extraction in Northern Ireland whilst insulating NI from the Tories’ economic and environmental illiteracy, and deliver a Green New Deal to protect our planet and future prosperity.”