Secretary of State should meet Unions urgently on public transport strikes says Honeyford

Alliance Transport Spokesperson David Honeyford has called on the Secretary of State to meet Unions urgently to try to avoid further public transport strikes.

Transport David Honeyford
The Lagan Valley MLA stated: “We are under no illusion about the justified frustration felt by transport workers on poor pay and conditions arising from the ongoing lack of investment in our public transport infrastructure.
“We recognise that this frustration is only exacerbated by the decision to instruct Departments to consult on revenue-raising measures such as removing concessionary fares when those are not going to have the necessary impact to deliver longer-term funding for public transport and accessible travel.
“The Secretary of State has it in his power, either by reforming the institutions to enable them to sit or by investing to improve pay and conditions to enable public transport to play its role in improving the economy more effectively, to address the issues justifiably raised by the Unions.
“For as long as the Secretary of State refuses to reform the institutions to enable restoration of devolution and for as long as he feels he has a role in revenue raising, then he also has a role in resolving pay and conditions.
“No one wants these strikes to take place, and therefore I would call on the Secretary of State to meet the Unions urgently to find a resolution.”