Restored Executive must move quickly on regulation of non-surgical cosmetic procedures, says Bradshaw

Alliance Health spokesperson Paula Bradshaw MLA has said any restored Executive must move quickly to ensure Northern Ireland does not fall out of line with England and Scotland on the regulation and licensing of non-surgical cosmetic procedures.

Health Paula Bradshaw

A consultation into what procedures should be in the scope of the licensing scheme for non-surgical cosmetic procedures in England has been launched by the UK Government. South Belfast MLA Ms Bradshaw said the majority of people were in favour of regulation.

“Surveys and consultations carried out by the Chartered Institute for Environmental Health in England and by the Scottish Government have shown over 90 per cent of people, including those within the beauty industry, are in favour of regulation and licensing of non-surgical cosmetic procedures in the interests of improved public confidence and consumer safety,” she said.

“Since people in Northern Ireland spend proportionately more on such procedures, it is vital we are not yet again left behind because of our lack of ability to legislate.

“We have already seen a consultation in Scotland, and the UK Department of Health and Social Care has just opened one for England. These will likely both result in a licensing scheme for providers of procedures such as Botox, dermal fillers and laser hair removal. We would also want to consider the extension of the prohibition on Botox for under-18s, which has existed since 2021 in England, to Northern Ireland.

“It is essential an incoming Health Minister is already in position to ensure that, as part of an update of healthcare regulation overall in Northern Ireland, a similar licensing scheme is in preparation for Northern Ireland.”