Questions still remain surrounding blue-green algae, says Blair, following response from DAERA

Alliance Agriculture and Environment spokesperson John Blair MLA has said that questions still remain surrounding the emergence of blue-green algal blooms and general water quality issues across Northern Ireland this summer, after receiving written response from DAERA on the topic.

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Made up of potentially toxic bacteria, blue-green algae presents a significant health risk to both people and animals if consumed.


There have been significant concerns raised about formations on Lough Neagh in particular.


The South Antrim MLA has said: “Whilst the response from DAERA is welcome, when it comes to an issue as serious as the quality of our waters, crucial questions still remain unanswered that must be addressed.


These include about whether, definitively, pollution could be a contributing factor to the formation of blue-green algal blooms, the assurance of transparency in the sharing of information between the Department, Councils, and the public, and about whether public awareness processes will be reviewed as a matter of urgency.


The public deserve to have confidence in our waters. Myself and Alliance Party colleagues will be seeking a meeting with NIEA representatives and representatives of Councils on the shores of the Lough Neagh, as well as other Councils where there have been blue-green algae issues, as soon as possible.”