PSNI need to take necessary action on hate speech at Belfast Pride, says Cllr Murray

Alliance Belfast City Councillor Micky Murray has said he will be meeting with the Assistant Chief Constable on Wednesday (2 August) to discuss his concerns and seek reassurances that homophobia and hate crimes are being taken seriously by the PSNI.

Belfast City Council PSNI Micky Murray Belfast Pride

This comes after a street preacher was recorded making derogatory comments towards the LGBTQ+ community over a microphone system in the city centre on Saturday (29 July) during Belfast Pride.
"Belfast Pride is the biggest, brightest, most inclusive parade in our city. So, it was utterly depressing to hear the hateful messages being preached by people who proclaim to be Christians on Saturday. In my view, what was being preached constituted a hate crime and members of the public were visibly and audibly outraged by it," said the Balmoral councillor.
"On a day when our LGBTQ+ community is supposed to be at its safest, we have a small minority stirring up hatred, arousing fear, and inciting violence.
"I’m due to meet with the Assistant Chief Constable on Wednesday. I will be raising my concerns and seeking reassurance that homophobia and hate crimes are being taken seriously."