Peace Plus funding to have 'a lasting impact' says McAllister

Alliance North Belfast MLA Nuala McAllister has welcomed the roll out of over £800,000 in Peace Plus funding which has been earmarked for Northern Ireland, announced on Monday.

Nuala McAllister

The programme of monies will go towards local projects up until 2027, aimed at securing positive, long lasting change to the areas that receive the funding.
Ms McAllister has said: “Since before the Good Friday Agreement, Northern Ireland has regularly received funding aimed at developing better social cohesion here and this latest block is a significant boost which will be gratefully welcomed by all in receipt.
“I can see in my own constituency the impact funding like this can have. You just need to look at the plans for investment in Alexandra Park and Waterworks Park, where I’ve been happy to support Belfast City Council in their plans for regeneration, which I believe is an opportunity to go towards the removal of a peace wall that runs through a park- it would a sign of long lasting peace funding impact.
“This symbolises the crux of what this money can achieve and the impact it can have in places across Northern Ireland – the breaking down of barriers and the creation of more united, welcoming communities in their place.
“I look forward to seeing how this funding is utilised in the coming years.”