Outrageous that DUP now blocking own member’s bill to enhance Autism Services, says Bradshaw

Alliance Health Spokesperson Paula Bradshaw has called for the immediate appointment of an Autism Reviewer, noting that the process has stalled due to the DUP’s continuing boycott of the institutions at Stormont.

Health Paula Bradshaw

The South Belfast MLA stated: “The Autism (Amendment) Act 2022 was brought forward by a DUP MLA and rightfully received the cross-party support it deserved, aimed at enhancing autism services including through the provision of an Autism Reviewer. This was yet another example of what we can achieve with functioning institutions.
“Remarkably and outrageously, we are now in a position where the DUP is blocking its own member’s bill from being implemented, as we have confirmation today from the Northern Ireland Office that the Autism Reviewer position will remain unfilled.
“This is yet another example of where the DUP’s refusal to get back to work is doing active harm to the community at large and particularly to many of the people who need the most help from government.
“In the absence of the DUP accepting the responsibility that came with the mandate it received in May, having at no stage said it would block the operation of the Assembly, the Northern Ireland Office will need to move swiftly towards reform of the institutions so that those willing to get on with the job are able to do so. A job that includes the swift appointment of an Autism Reviewer and the ongoing enhancement of autism services.”