Not acceptable Trust still has no replacement for meals on wheels, says McAllister

It is not acceptable Belfast Trust has still not identified a replacement for its meals on wheels service, which is due to end in less than two weeks, Alliance MLA Nuala McAllister has said.

Nuala McAllister

The Belfast Trust resource, which provides meals to sick and disabled people, will be withdrawn by the end of September thanks to the contractor pulling out. Around 160 people are estimated to be affected.

After being contacted by Ms McAllister, the Trust has now confirmed no alternative arrangements are in place, a situation the North Belfast MLA said was unacceptable.

“The news about the meals on wheels service ending is extremely concerning, given how many people rely on it,” said Ms McAllister.

“But that has been compounded by the confirmation from Belfast Trust it is still carrying out a review to establish alternative arrangements and none are yet in place. Time is running out. This is an essential service for many of my constituents and is yet another massive blow to many people here.

“There is no doubt the Trust’s lack of communication around the axing of the service has exacerbated the problem for many people. That is not acceptable and neither is removing a vital service vulnerable people rely on or not having a replacement lined up already.

“The Trust needs an alternative service put into place and it needs to do so now.”