No Assembly, no help for tenants suffering from mould, says Armstrong

Alliance Housing Spokesperson Kellie Armstrong MLA has said Northern Ireland tenants remain at a disadvantage over how cases of mould should be dealt with, with no Assembly currently in place.

Kellie Armstrong

The MLA for Strangford was speaking after it was confirmed the UK Government is consulting on strict time limits that will force landlords to investigate tenant’s reports of mould – something that will go unchecked in Northern Ireland as the Stormont stalemate drags on.

She added: “Alliance wants all tenants to have safe and sustainable housing, which is why we need to see action on this issue. Westminister is currently assessing what social landlords should be required to do in dealing with cases of mould. This same consideration should be given to Northern Ireland.

“Alliance has already backed the introduction of Awaab’s Law for Northern Ireland. Awaab Ishak was a two year old boy from Rochdale who died as a result of exposure to mould. His father has welcomed the proposals.

“Prevention of damp and mould is a landlord’s responsibility. Landlords who fail to meet the time limits may be taken to court under the proposed Westminster plans. But none of this applies to NI as we need the NI Assembly to bring in such law here.

“This is yet another issue going unchallenged as the DUP hold any progress back. I hope we see progress in the coming weeks, with MLAs being given the opportunity to protect vulnerable people.”