IWD serves as a reminder of work still to do

Kate Nicholl International Women's Day

Alliance Councillor Kate Nicholl says International Women’s Day serves as a day of reflection on how far we have come, and what work still needs to be done to achieve gender equality.

Speaking as the 2021 day drew to a close, Kate – also the Co-Chair of the Alliance Party’s Women’s Network – said this year’s them of Choose to Challenge is something we can all take forward.

She added: “International Women’s Day is the global celebration of the social, the cultural, the political and the economic achievements of women, but it is also a call to action for accelerating gender parity.

“While we take time to celebrate the inspirational achievements of women, this year’s theme reminds us that the challenge of addressing gender inequality requires real engagement and commitment to action.

“Every year I celebrate International Women’s Day because I want to pay tribute to the women who came before us, who paved the way, who made it possible for someone like me to become an elected representative, but also because there is still so much work to be done to dismantle the structural and cultural barriers which still exist.

“From challenge comes change, and if we are to change the world we must choose to take a stand against inequality. We must choose to speak up on issues that go beyond our own personal experiences. We must choose to amplify the voices of all women. Only then can we create a future that works for us all”