Nicholl condemns those behind 'sinister' graffiti which appeared on South Belfast home

Alliance South Belfast MLA Kate Nicholl has condemned those behind the 'sinister' graffiti which has appeared on a home in the Finaghy area of South Belfast.

South Belfast Kate Nicholl

The graffiti follows an incident, which also occurred in Finaghy back in March, this year, which saw racist posters erected, calling for the Housing Executive to 'stop housing illegal immigrants.'
She said: "This is an appalling and sinister attack which was designed to threaten Takura for speaking out. Those behind it do not represent South Belfast which is a community of compassionate, kind and welcoming people.
"However, that does not diminish its impact on those people who are being targeted. It creates fear and it is completely unacceptable.
"I have reported this graffiti to the PSNI and I would urge anyone with any information to contact them urgently.
"It's time for all parties to come together and condemn racism. It is always left to the same people to speak out and if we’re serious about tackling this we need to do so together. Our next meeting of the Assembly's All-Party Group on Ethnic Minority Communities will be with key representatives to discuss how we can shut this down."