New stalking legislation will make a real difference to the lives of victims, says Egan

Alliance Violence Against Women and Girls spokesperson Connie Egan MLA has said new laws tackling stalking will make people safer.

Connie Egan Violence Against Women and Girls

She was speaking ahead of the commencement of legislation introduced by party leader Naomi Long MLA while Justice Minister. New Stalking Protection Orders will allow police to intervene earlier, applying for restrictions on perpetrators and breaches will be a criminal offence.
“This legislation goes a long way in protecting people and keeping them safe, by allowing the police and courts to intervene earlier to stop stalking behaviours escalating,” said North Down MLA Ms Egan.
“My thanks go to everyone involved in getting the legislation to this stage, including Naomi Long, who championed this as Justice Minister, and especially to those victims who shared their often harrowing experiences to help inform and shape the final legislation.
“This law will make a real difference to people’s lives, protecting them against the fixated, obsessive, unwanted and repetitive behaviours which constitute stalking. Stalking is psychologically and physically damaging to victims. I hope this law will make it easier to tackle this insidious behaviour and better protect people affected.
"I would encourage anyone who is being subjected to stalking to report it to the police and to seek support from victims' organisations: don't suffer in silence, help is out there."