New recycling and waste management proposals are fantastic news for the environment, says Blair

New recycling and waste management proposals are fantastic news for the environment, Alliance Agriculture and Environment spokesperson John Blair MLA has said.

Environment John Blair Recycling

Mr Blair was speaking after the Alliance DAERA Minister launched a 12-week consultation entitled ‘Rethinking Our Resources: Measures for Climate Action and a Circular Economy in NI.’ 

“The consultation launched by Minister Andrew Muir is fantastic news for the environment as it contains 26 proposals which allow for greater opportunities to maximise recycling. Included are proposals for a wider variety of materials in kerbside bins and enhancing food waste collections. 

“Northern Ireland has made significant progress in recycling over the last twenty years. Now, through this consultation, we can potentially increase our household recycling rate from 51 per cent to 74 per cent. Achieving these rates is vital to not only hitting but exceeding the targets set out in the Climate Change Act. Doing so is, ultimately, essential to protecting our environment. 

“I am pleased the Minister chose to launch this consultation at Bryson Recycling, located in my constituency of South Antrim. When I visited Bryson Recycling last year, I saw demonstrated how a bottle of Baileys can be bottled in South Antrim, consumed in South Antrim and then, because we have separation of recycling in this area, be collected by Bryson Recycling in Mallusk who then send it on to Enva in Toome, then to Encirc’s NI location, before ending up back in Mallusk as a new bottle ready to start the process again.

“This is a perfect example of a circular economy in action, which also has a significant positive impact on the environment. We must ensure, however, this is not a solitary example and Northern Ireland can lead the way regarding recycling. I would, therefore, encourage everyone to respond to the consultation.”