Muir welcomes opening of opt-in Beef Carbon Reduction Scheme

Alliance Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs Minister Andrew Muir has said the opening of opt-in to the Beef Carbon Reduction (BCR) Scheme is a significant milestone in supporting our farming sector in its move towards greater environmental sustainability.

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He made the comments as he announced the opening of the online system where farmers can opt their farm business into the new BCR Scheme.

The scheme is a new payment support scheme for beef farmers in Northern Ireland. It encourages farm businesses to reduce the slaughter age of clean finished beef cattle to improve the efficiency of the local beef sector and reduce livestock greenhouse gas emissions.

Minister Muir has said: “I am delighted to announce the opening of the online opt-in for the Beef Carbon Reduction Scheme. This is a major scheme under the new Farm Support and Development Programme and marks a significant milestone in supporting our farming sector to improve productivity whilst enhancing environmental sustainability in Northern Ireland.

My Department is committed to supporting more environmentally sustainable farming practices that benefit our climate and environment, whilst providing clear incentives to drive better resource efficiency within our agricultural sector, which plays such a significant role in our local economy, society and ensuring our food security.

This innovative approach signals a shift in how we help support decarbonisation, protect our environment, and contribute to meeting the targets set by the Climate Change Act (NI) 2022.

I would really encourage farmers to engage with the Department on how best to adapt their on-farm practices to meet the targets set for the scheme, and contribute to a more environmentally sustainable and productive sector.”