Most vulnerable in society will continue to be hit hardest as financial pressures continue, says Armstrong

The most vulnerable in society will continue to be hit the hardest as financial pressures continue across Northern Ireland, Alliance Communities spokesperson Kellie Armstrong MLA has said.

Communities Kellie Armstrong

The Strangford MLA was speaking following the release of the Hunger in Northern Ireland report by the Trussell Trust group. It states one in six people face hunger here, with women, disabled people, carers and parents among groups disproportionately at risk.

“As Northern Ireland faces the most extreme financial pressures ever seen due to a vastly restricted budget, this report makes clear the most vulnerable in our society will continue to be hit the hardest,” she said.

“It is sobering to read 16 per cent of people in Northern Ireland are going hungry because of rising costs. It is clear we now have moved into a low income crisis where people, including those in work, are no longer able to cope with costs and are instead going hungry.

“It is time the DUP put the people of Northern Ireland ahead of playing political games. Having a growing impoverished and hungry population is in nobody’s interest, Instead, reform the institutions, restore them and allow us to get back to work to help people, their health and well-being.”