Millar condemns attack on police officers in West Belfast

Alliance West Belfast representative Eoin Millar has condemned those behind an attack on police, which saw three officers injured when their car was rammed.

West Belfast Eoin Millar

A 38-year-old man has been arrested after the officers’ patrol car was rammed on the Falls Road when they attempted to stop a stolen vehicle. The driver struck one police officer and rammed the patrol car multiple times, causing minor injuries to the other two police officers.

He was later arrested on multiple offences, including driving under the influence.

This anti-social behaviour is unacceptable,” said Eoin.

Irresponsible acts like this cannot go unpunished, and had the police not stepped in so courageously, one can only imagine what damage could have been done to people and property in the local area.

I want to express my deepest gratitude to the officers involved for putting themselves in harm´s way for the better good.

I would urge anyone with information on this incident to please come forward.”