Micky Murray officially installed as Belfast Lord Mayor

Alliance Balmoral Councillor Micky Murray has officially been installed as Lord Mayor of Belfast in a ceremony at City Hall tonight (3 June).

Belfast City Council Micky Murray


He’s the eighth Alliance Councillor to assume the office.
Cllr Murray has said: “I would first like to take the opportunity to thank and congratulate Ryan for everything he’s achieved over his time as Lord Mayor. I’ve seen first-hand the amazing work that he’s done during his term, and he’s carried out his duties with great passion and respect.
“This year, I want to connect with the people who make our city what it is. Those who have been making a difference, whether that be those who are working tirelessly in the homeless sector supporting people who are experiencing homelessness, community workers who are driving change for their local communities, sports groups who are breaking down class and societal barriers, or our artists and musicians who bring our city to life.
“Growing up, as a young gay person, I never imagined that my future would lead me into this chamber and into this chair, with this chain around my neck. In fact, I thought the only way to live my authentic self would be to leave and find greener pastures, but the opportunities which presented themselves to me have led me here and I couldn’t be prouder.
“For the LGBTQIA+ community this day is a particularly symbolic milestone. We’ve never been represented in this office before, yet we make up a significant proportion of the population. I hope to serve them well, as I do every member of our community.
“I love this city, and I want to show people just how amazing our city is. I promise to represent Belfast to the best of my ability, with passion, enthusiasm, and commitment to representing everyone right across the community.”