McReynolds welcomes positive report findings on attitudes to electric vehicles

Speaking after the release of the 2022/23 Continuous Household Survey results, Alliance Infrastructure spokesperson Peter McReynolds MLA welcomed the new report which demonstrates the existence of a supportive attitude towards electric vehicles. 

Peter McReynolds Infrastructure

The East Belfast MLA said: “Today’s report findings indicate strong levels of public support for e-vehicles, as 33% of respondents would ‘definitely’ or ‘strongly consider’ an electric vehicle as their next car. These findings strengthen the argument for more electric vehicle charging points, which Northern Ireland is sadly well known for not having enough of.
“Better EV charging infrastructure is something the Alliance Party has long been advocating for. We are seriously concerned that Northern Ireland is falling behind the rest of the UK and Ireland. As it currently stands, the roll out of public EV charging across NI has been plateauing, whilst implementation of chargers elsewhere in the UK and Ireland has been steadily increasing.
“We must continue to improve the pace at which the public EV charging network is delivered. If insufficient progress is made, we are at risk of falling behind our counterparts even further, whilst discouraging widespread adoption of electric vehicles at a time when responding to the climate crisis should be at the forefront of our consideration.
“A restored and reformed Executive is crucial to ensure this vital infrastructure is progressed at pace, for the benefit of our environment and public health.”