McAllister welcomes publishing of Human Rights Review into police strip-searching of children and young people in custody

Alliance Policing Board member and MLA for North Belfast, Nuala McAllister, has welcomed the publishing of a Human Rights Review into the strip searching of children and young people in police custody, undertaken by the Policing Board.

Nuala McAllister Police

The review, which highlighted 10 recommendations including 8 for the PSNI, aims to ensure young people in custody are protected, and custody officers and staff have the correct guidance for when strip searches are necessary.
Ms McAllister has said, “I welcome the publishing of this Review which I was pleased to feed into as a Policing Board member, working to ensure that all concerns which needed addressed were raised during the process.
“Having spoken to young people who have interacted with police, I understand the impact strip searches can have on the wellbeing of children in what is already an extremely distressing situation. Officers have a duty to protect individuals in custody, and this is all the more crucial with vulnerable individuals such as children and young people.
“I particularly welcome the recommendation which sets out the need to ensure that an Appropriate Adult be present before and during any strip searches, a key factor in ensuring the safety of children and young people can be protected.
“Improving relationships between the PSNI and young people continues to be a priority for me, and I look forward to continuing to hold senior officers to account on the implementation of the review’s recommendations.”