McAllister raises "major concerns" over journalist's phone records accessed by PSNI

Alliance North Belfast MLA Nuala McAllister has raised "major concerns" after the PSNI allegedly searched the phone records of a journalist.

Nuala McAllister PSNI

 An investigation is now underway by the Investigatory Powers Tribunal (IPT).
"We are aware of the issue of the accessing of phone records of a journalist, which was brought to our attention recently, which we have raised at the Policing Board," said Nuala McAllister MLA.
"As an investigation is underway we need to let it run its course but we have major concerns over this issue. We will be asking questions to PSNI leadership at the Policing Board about if or how widespread this issue was and to ensure there is extensive scrutiny of the past and current practices in relation to this matter.
"It is entirely unacceptable if the PSNI accessed these phone records without permission being granted and we await the findings of the Investigatory Powers Tribunal in their investigation."