McAllister calls for urgent halt to Milltown Cemetery work

Alliance North Belfast MLA Nuala McAllister has called for an urgent halt to ongoing work in Milltown Cemetery, due to fears that unmarked graves may be disturbed.

Nuala McAllister

Nuala's mother was previously informed her stillborn son and the twins she lost during pregnancy could be in Milltown Cemetery in the baby graves.


It’s thought that those buried in such graves could include stillborn children, those also from mother and baby homes in Belfast, and many others who were not afforded a burial in normal circumstances. 


Ms McAllister has said: “I, alongside many others I’ve met who’s deceased family members may be affected, remain extremely concerned with the risk that this work is disturbing these unmarked graves.


“I am calling on the Catholic Church and the Department for Communities to urgently halt this work to allow for transparent and independent analysis of the ground in question, so that the families impacted can have confidence that the remains of their loved ones will not be disturbed.


“Since this story was reported, I have had a number of people getting in touch with similar concerns that their relatives may too be affected. I’m acutely aware of the pain this may be dredging up for many people and families here, and I want to assure everyone that I will not be letting this issue rest.”