McAllister calls for increased transparency and communication around waiting lists

Alliance MLA and health spokesperson, Nuala McAllister has called for increased transparency and communication around waiting lists. She was speaking following a briefing on the current state of waiting lists from departmental officials to the health committee on Thursday afternoon.

Health Nuala McAllister Danny Donnelly

Nuala McAllister has said: "While it is no secret that waiting lists in Northern Ireland are extensive, there needs to be increased levels of openness and transparency from the Department of Health about wait times."
“Alongside Danny Donnelly MLA, I attended a Versus Arthritis roundtable event focussed on increasing support for patients on waiting lists. Whilst it was encouraging it hear the work the sector is doing in this area, it was extremely concerning to hear reports from patients on waiting lists that they felt the silence was deafening from the Trusts.
Alliance health spokespeople Nuala McAllister MLA and Danny Donnelly MLA also met with representatives from the Royal College of Surgeons on Thursday morning.
"Evidence shows that there are options available to decrease waiting lists – the effective roll-out of surgical hubs across the region has shown this, and this must be continued,” said Ms McAllister.
“However, there also needs to be increased physical support for those awaiting treatment to ensure their condition does not deteriorate further, alongside improved communication to ensure expectations are managed and patients do not experience further stress in what is already a stressful situation.
“We will continue to work with the sector to ensure our health service can be transformed, efficiencies found, and patient outcomes improved.”